About Us

Our company Yedder Gıda A.Ş. is a fresh fruit and vegetable supplier located in Karaman, Turkey. Our customers include wholesalers, retailers, importers and exporters. We source a variety of fruits, citrus and vegetables directly from private farmers and ship these products almost anywhere in the world and Turkey. We deliver our quality product range, which includes more than 100 different fruits, citrus fruits, vegetables and nuts, to our customers quickly.

Yedder Gıda operates from our main distribution center based in Karaman. Our centers are located in suitable areas which have an excellent connection to all local farmers, and this enables us to export quickly from the harbor of Mersin or leading airports. We handle the shipping of all our products under the appropriate conditions. We also have facilities for packaging according to customer requirements.


We provide our customers with up-to-date information on the import and export of fruit, citrus, nuts and vegetables, business strategy and other recommendations. We also provide insight into current market trends and how they can maximize this to their advantage. Our team will advise you on what steps to take and what to avoid. All information is based on well-researched market facts and figures.


Our company has the necessary facilities to supply fresh fruits and vegetables in the best condition. Our supply method varies according to customer demand, location, distance and quantity. Our products are transported by land, air cargo and sea. In addition, we provide the appropriate packaging of our products such as pallets, boxes, crates.

Cold Storage

We also offer services to our customers who want to store their products until they are transferred to their destination. Our cold storage service includes cleaning, packaging and storage of products to ensure hygiene. We make it a priority to comply with food safety rules and regulations; Cold storage helps maintain a low temperature that reduces spoilage and microbial activity. This maintains the quality of the products and keeps them in good condition until they are delivered.


Our company provides on-time delivery, hygiene, packaging, storage and transportation by air cargo, truck or ship. Our team is well equipped to meet the logistics demands of your orders. These services also include documentation and paperwork performed by our team. You can rest assured that all your orders and deliveries will be delivered on time and accurately.